Offshore Renewables Services

At NAV Engineering & Technology we recognize the offshore renewables industries need for safe, reliable, high capacity and low emission logistics with our competitive prices. We are strongly committed to driving sustainable solutions that deliver unmatched performance, efficiency, and environmental benefits. Therefore, with the experience of our engineering team, our inhouse industry experts and in collaboration with leading industry peers, we are delivering pioneering designs to achieve this goal.
While we are extending our offering, we are focussing on our cutting-edge hybrid-powered CTV designs. At the heart of our success for these vessels lies our expertise in hybrid powertrain systems. By combining the best of traditional combustion engines with advanced electric power, we have unlocked a new era of efficiency and sustainability in transportation.
While technical performance is an enabler for offshore operations, we strongly believe in the unmatched value of the workforce using our designs, both crew and transferees. Therefore, our designs will offer the most safe, ergonomic, and comfortable work environment. All our designs start with the users in mind.
Our designs offer the perfect blend of capability, comfort, and sustainability, making them the ideal choice for businesses seeking to optimize their operations while minimizing their environmental impact.
While we are at the pinnacle of the technically possible, we continue to optimize our designs, striving to full decarbonization and incorporation newest safety and comfort features. We plan our designs with future upgrades in mind, making adaption in a fast-growing market affordable and easy.


HybriNav 26

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