About NAV,

At NAV Engineering & Technology, we are prepared to revolutionize the offshore renewables industry with our cutting-edge hybrid-powered crew transfer vessel (CTV) designs and conversion technologies for existing vessels. As a pioneering engineering and technology company, we are committed to driving sustainable solutions that deliver unmatched performance, efficiency, and environmental benefits.
Our clients and partners will profit from our hands-on approach of the required technologies and operations, but also can place their trust in a company that is an integral part of the heritage of Newport Shipping.
NAV Engineering & Technology strategically based in London, the UK, and support by our experts around the world. Our global presence allows us to gather quick and detailed insights and feedback from technology and market developments. This will allow you to find a contact to our company close and easy to reach.
The Company was founded to accelerate the implementation of decarbonisation technologies in commercial shipping, as well as transferring the team’s knowledge into cutting edge designs specifically targeted at the offshore renewables market.
Find on this website the technologies, designs, and details on how we can assist you to reach your decarbonisation targets and excel in the performance of your vessels.