Meet our smallest, hybrid, CTV design, the HYBRINAV 26
The HYBRINAV 26 has been specifically designed and tested to provide the optimal platform for average operations for crew and transferees. The unique hull-shape in combination with a state-of-the-art superstructure allows comfortable transfers for up to 24 and safe, optimized operations, while the 80 sqm deck and dedicated drone area enable for cargo and diverse operations options. Propelled through the waves by waterjets, the vessel has a limited draft of 1,5 meters allowing it to operate in shallow harbours and environments as well as high seas.
Material: Aluminium
Hull / Superstructure: Resilient
Classification: RINA C ✠ Hull, ✠ Mach, Crew Transfer Vessel,
Electric Hybrid, NAV 150 A
Length Overall: 26 meters
Beam: 9.20 meters
Depth: 3.75 / 4.75 meters
Draft (Design): 1.45 meters
Draft (Scantling): 1.60 meters
Deadweight: 40 tonnes
Deck Area: 80 m2
Deck Load: 2 tonnes/m2
Crew: 3
Service Technician: 24
High bridge visibility from the window on the wheelhouse ceiling, vertical and horizontal, during operations & navigation
Below Deck: 2 x Double Cabin, Laundry
Main Deck: 24 Business Class, Refreshment Area, Regular & Refrigerated Storage, Wet Zone & Changing Area, Crew Pantry & Mess Zone, Deck Storage, 10" & 20" Container Area
Upper Deck: 2 x Single Cabin, Wheelhouse, Main Helm
Bridge Deck: Drone Zone
Generator Sets: 4x MAN D2862 IMO TIER III
Total Power: 3.0 MW
Propulsion: 4x HamiltonJet HTX52
Battery Strings: Corvus 300 kW
Service Speed: 27.5 kts
Top Speed: 30 kts (at 25% DWT)
Mains: 230V/400V 50 Hz AC
Emergency: 24V DC