At NAV Technology & Engineering Ltd., we collaborate with industry-leading partners to deliver innovative solutions that drive sustainable progress in the shipping industry. Through strategic partnerships, we leverage collective expertise and resources to address complex challenges and achieve shared goals. Explore our esteemed partners below:
Rotor Sails,
NORSEPOWER is a pioneering provider of rotor sail technology, offering innovative solutions to enhance vessel fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Through our partnership with NORSEPOWER, NAV harnesses the power of wind energy to optimize vessel performance and contribute to a greener maritime future.
ZEME is a leading provider of electrification solutions for the shipping industry, offering cutting-edge technologies to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency. By partnering with ZEME, NAV enables the adoption of electrification solutions that drive sustainable innovation and enhance operational performance.
Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS), placeholder
NAV collaborates with industry leaders Optimarin and HANLA IMS to provide comprehensive ballast water treatment solutions. Optimarin is renowned for its UV-based BWTS technology, while HANLA IMS offers innovative monitoring and control systems. Together, our partnerships ensure effective compliance with ballast water regulations and environmental protection.
Scrubber Systems,
NAV partners with MS-SOx to deliver state-of-the-art scrubber systems for emissions reduction in the shipping industry. With MS-SOx's expertise in exhaust gas cleaning technology, NAV offers robust scrubber solutions that enable compliance with emissions regulations while optimizing operational efficiency.
At NAV, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change in the maritime sector. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance sustainability, efficiency, and performance. Contact us to learn more about our partnerships and how they contribute to our mission of shaping a brighter future for shipping.